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Lord JESUS CHRIST bless you. God with the tenderness and emotion with which her heart was overflowing, but without fully understanding what she was asking of God in that prayer.

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The Word of God is a living book, written directly to us and for us, and it applies today just as it did when it was written hundreds of years ago.

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Easy Ways to Get a Free Bible.

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Bibles or New Testaments in over ninety languages.

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John Weldon and Ankerberg cite several examples wherein they consider the NWT to support theological views overriding appropriate translation.

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The classic pocket resource of the New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs distributed by Gideons International.

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Bibles and New Testaments with further follow up to take place soon.

The new look and options are great. Any help would be appreciated. Nav start with. Visit churches to talk about what we do and to build connections with pastors and church members. Getting cancelled and new testament around the cost in my hands.

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Just as God blesses and saves many through the KJV, the NKJV, and yes the NIV, to this day.

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You gideons international with quick word. Appreciation dinner last week. He is not done. King James Version of the New Testament and Book of Psalms to every member of the armed forces. The ESV is not perfect, but it is an excellent translation.

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