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It focuses on the Apocalypse of John.

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Subsequent constructions, though altering this landscape, can never completely obliterate these traces, or the narratives about the past that they express.

Religious World of Late Antiquity: Beyond the Sensible FIGURING RELICS: A POETICS OF ENSHRINEMENT Patricia Cox Miller, Dept.

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This has important implications for the linguistic theory and consciousness of the sect, which Schniedewind, Weitzman, and Rendsburg have argued, was a highly developed belief of the transcendence of the Hebrew language.

Whether it is with external aid or not, the soul is transformed on its way to the union with the divine.

Still, philosophical conceptions and practices of silence are culturally specific, which means that representations of silence in ancient narratives are easily misunderstood.

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In the course of my work on a Commentary on the Qumran Community Rule manuscripts a number of questions must be raised: should I be writing more than one Serekh commentary since there are several Serekh traditions?

Biblical world, this data was not taken into consideration.

While examining sexuality in South Africa remains difficult because questions of sexuality are intimately linked with postcolonial national and regional discourses, for some the adoption of modern sexual identity categories has been liberating.

However, upon closer examination, both of these claims appear to be problematic.

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Therefore, it is my assertion that Paul presents his imprisonment to the Philippians as a model for the community of one who was able to persevere despite suffering.

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My presentation will contain an overview of the contents of the text before focusing on its cosmotheology.

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The Voice project demanded a different approach to the text.

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On the one hand, Isaac is not prevented from functioning as an ascetic priest for his family and, apparently, converses with the angels.

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First, does the wording of the Apocalypse match the wording of the Septuagint in the same manuscript?

There is no perfect translation for any literary text, certainly not for the richly layered and theologically loaded Hebrew Bible; an important objective of the Hinneh program is to shake students from their confidence in only one favored translation.

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This paper examines the use of Korah imagery in early Jewish and Christian literature.

Finally, a few suggestions will be offered concerning the source of the metaphor.

The child is a sign of the future, as are all children, and of the immemorial past; the birth of Immanuel, in particular, has Mosaic, patriarchal and edenic echoes, and promises a reunification of the Davidic kingdom.

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Lutheran theology of liberation.

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Even if they are in many cases mould made, they allow recognizing a certain matrix underlying the representations of female faces.

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Hence, recent trends in modern scholarship have led to the discovery of various literary methods among which are the narrative and synchronic readings of the text.

Qumran Studies has opened up new light on Biblical Studies by revealing concepts that were in place in Second Temple times that may be embryonic or implicit rather than explicit in what later becomes the canon of the Hebrew Bible.

What are the Gospels?

Jeremiah appears in Daniel in other ways. Conjectures are an important tool for understanding and reconstructing the text of the Septuagint.

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Christian oral tradition by appeal to physical and mental characteristics shared by all human beings.

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This paper will also explore the implications of these findings for understanding the itinerant nature of the ministries of Jesus and the early Jesus movement.

Nevertheless, a close examination of their exegesis demonstrates that even through both authors operated broadly within the Origenist tradition, their work demonstrates their own distinctive emphases.

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Jewish bible interpretation, and is inspired by current research within the field of Jewish Studies, particularly the work of Alexander Samely, who has within the last decade developed a highly sophisticated methodology for defining targumic and mishnaic exegetical techniques.

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For this, we will analyze the work of a Portuguese Jesuit, António Vieira: the History of the Future and the Clavis Prophetarum.

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