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The memo provides information about supplemental services available to children who attend child care, including details about the types, the importance, and the provisions of services, the impact of COVID on support services, and strategies for coordination.

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The child care assistance funds that providers are currently eligible for will continue to paid going forward.

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  • You will need business daycare forms to keep track of your income and expenses, or some type of business program to track your income.
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  • Providers looking for supplies should contact their local child care resource and referral agency.

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Emergency alternate arrangements are necessary in case your child is sent home early from school.

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We do assist in teaching children to apply their own sunscreen when appropriate. When defects are observed, the defects must be documented, immediately reported within the organization and repaired as soon as possible. If a child has a fever, when are they allowed back to child care?

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These enriching lessons are driven by our bilingual staff.

Children, parents and authorized representatives, and child care licensees all have rights in licensed child care facilities.

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The EBT contractor will need to know your bank account information in order to electronically transfer payments into your account from EBT Kansas Benefits Card accounts.

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Intent Resource teachers provide specialized and individualized support to children with special needs and must have specific theoretical and practical knowledge that relates to this work.

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Providers must comply with applicable discipline policies, as referenced by KDHE and DCF.

There is a list that includes phone numbers for emergency services, nearest poison control centre and a taxi service; And Staff provide the location of the emergency contact list and confirm that it is accessible to staff at all times.

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