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The annual statement addresses matters such as impairment, criminal history, continuing professional development, recency of practice, professional indemnity insurance, clinical privileges etc.

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Melodie was a board member on the Nurses Board of Victoria for eight years and president for two.

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We aimed to develop an algorithm for use by regulators in prospectively identifying practitioners at high risk of attracting formal complaints about health, conduct or performance issues.

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Victoria with the aim to improve the oral health of all Victorians, particularly vulnerable groups and those most in need.

CHOICE looks into dental fees to help you understand what you're paying for.

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The feedback centred on the difficulties faced by members in dealing with the registration process, the lack of communication from AHPRA and the timeliness oresponse to queries.

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American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. Should there be separate State and Territory regulatory schemes, or a single nationally administered scheme with State and Territory based enforcement?

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The Whistleblower Policy is a process to deal with serious matters that is in the public interest to resolve.

This complaint process varies between victoria. Oversight of the NRAS is provided jointly by state, territory and Commonwealth Health Ministers through the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council. Mouth conditions, ulcers, dental procedures, tooth development and problems, care and prevention.

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While this option would be expected to strengthen selfregulatory arrangements generally, itwill not capture all unregistered health practitioners, but only those who are members of professional associations and are willing to participate in selfregulatory regimes.

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