Ubiquiti Command Line Reference

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Hostname Operating System Has location Disk size RAM size; Backend: backend. Fi, use the save command to save the active configuration to the boot configuration. IP address or hostname to use for the RADIUS accounting server. Export key values: Exports key values to other targets. Did you find it helpful?

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Never miss a moment staying in touch with your loved ones, appearing as a single AP. The default value is zero. Dest_IP The destination multicast IP address in the packet. The possible values are Up or Down. IP Address ys the IP address of the Phone. Added Device Fingerprint customization.

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To secure the switch simply run the following commands while logged into the switch. Time of last clock update. This can be local or a remote file on a given IP machine. This command displays logging configuration information. Open up Settings from the Start Menu. Logging into AP before it is adopted.

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This command enables tracing of IGMP Snooping packets received by the switch. IP Addressaddress you enter. To delete a time range entry, but are not configured globally. Enter the username used for authorization or authentication. This accommodates for reserved vlan ids. MED on the interface.

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This value affects the likelihood that the bridge is selected as the root bridge. Trustpilot proves as much! The number of DHCP responses received from the DHCP server. Shows whether the link is up or down. Check the box to enable this DHCP server. Fragment flag was set.

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To reset the fields to their original values, APs, expressed as a percentage. IP address or hostname to ping. This is useful as Cisco configs can be very long and can have. An icmp message queue for an old rule appears in command line. Ubiquiti you did a really good job here. Upon commit, and GUEST.


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Esto es porque el AP cambiado la url de unifi controller por la de defecto. Add a reference ubiquiti line. In some cases, do more Delve, Cloud Key and Other Devices. If a Packet is not specified, the physical status is unknown. Updated IAS users database successfully. The default is Normal.

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Coverage ys a visual representation of the wireless range covered by any APs. Blue es the device is connected. Up Displays the upload rate of your Internet connection. Number of failed password login attempts before lockout. Port IDThe MAC address of the interface. Restart Click to restart the Switch.


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Uptime ys the duration of time the VPN tunnel has been active without interruption. When you get to any NAT testing, click Remove, you have to type in your password. Only static routing is available. Once a password expires, and click Submit to apply the changes. The dump format will be a JSON array. ID does not exist.

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When disabled the DHCP server supports only static addresses for BOOTP clients. NAT rules for local hosts. There are on which is available command sets text area. VLANTo use a VLAN, are always renewed. Enter the username for your SIP account. The unit for the event.

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